Bradley Domangue focuses his practice on the representation of schools, colleges, and other public entities.  Prior to joining Thompson & Horton, Mr. Domangue worked in education law and policy as an attorney, a legislative aide, a senior policy analyst, and a journalist.  He has worked on various educational issues including school finance, special education, student discipline, employment law, construction, and the public information and open meetings act.

Prior to law school, Brad was a legislative aide for State Representative Jim McReynolds as a McClendon Scholar during the 2005 legislative session.  He also represented the University of Texas at San Antonio in a separate scholar program where he attended and covered the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

While in law school, Brad worked for State Representatives Scott Hochberg and Jim McReynolds on various policy and constituent issues.  Brad also interned at a local Austin news affiliate where he learned the ins and outs of producing, editing, and writing for television.  Brad also worked at CBS News in 2007 where he produced informational packets for CBS Evening News and co-wrote, produced, and presented a segment devoted to the integral role new media would play in future elections.  While in law school, Brad continued to focus his energy on education law and policy while working as a legislative intern during the 2007 legislative session and as a law clerk at a school law firm in Austin.

Brad continued his legal and policy work as an attorney at a school law firm where he worked on election law, construction law, special eduction law, employment law, and the Public Information Act for more than two years.  He also assisted on an appeal to the Texas Supreme Court regarding governmental immunity issues.

Brad went to work for State Senator Wendy R. Davis during the 2011 legislative session as a general counsel and senior policy analyst.  During this time he gained extensive experience working at the Texas Capitol on issues such as education, school finance, higher education funding, natural resources, redistricting, autism, utility deregulation, diabetes, and election law.  He has also done extensive work on anti-bullying legislation in Texas.  Brad has worked three Legislative Sessions (2005, 2007, and 2011) as well as three Special Sessions (2005 and 2011).




“Developing and Implementing 504 Plans: Ensuring a Level Playing Field” & “Key Considerations for Implementing IEPs” Scheduled presentation for IEP and 504 Plan Legal Workshop, National Business Institute (December 2, 2016).

“Title IX and Transgender Students: An Ever-Evolving Legal Quandary for School Districts and Students” Presentation for Dallas Bar Association Government Law Section (November 11, 2016).

“Transgender Issues in Public Schools” Authored article in Texas Bar Journal  (September 2016).

“Title IX: What to Expect When OCR Comes Calling and the Legal Standards Applied by the Courts” Presentation for Education Law Association and St. Thomas University’s “Legal Issues for Texas School Administrators” (February 18, 2016).

“Young and Attractive is Never a Defense: Title IX Violations” Presentation for Texas Association of School Administrators Midwinter Conference (January 25, 2016).

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“What Marriage Means . . .The Evolution in Defining Marriage and the Effect of the Same-Sex Marriage Tidal Wave on Public Schools” Authored paper for and presented at Education Law Association Annual Conference (November 14, 2014). Also presented at National School Board Association School Law Practice Seminar (October 10, 2014).

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TCASE — Summer, 2013 — Extracurricular Athletic Participation — Where Do We Go From Here?

TASA Midwinter Conference — January 27, 2013 — Domestic Partnerships, the AG’s Opinion, U.S. v. Windsor and the Aftermath