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At Thompson & Horton, we strive to be partners with our clients. We specialize in providing the highest quality personalized legal service to educational entities, local governments, and private individuals and companies. Our attorneys have unique qualifications based on several hundred years of combined experience and have been closely involved with some of the most important legal and policy developments affecting our clients over the past 40 years. We are knowledgeable, passionate, candid, and responsive. At Thompson & Horton, it’s not just business – it’s personal.

T&H Title IX Training Course

Obtain Title IX Training and Documentation as Required by New Regulations

In May 2020, the U.S. Department of Education issued its final Title IX regulations, which go into effect August 14, 2020. The new regulations significantly modify existing procedures and requirements, and establish a new investigation/decision-making process that educational institutions will need to become familiar with in a very short period of time. The regulations now require that multiple people in addition to the Title IX Coordinator be involved in each complaint of sexual discrimination, and that each of these persons receive specific training in such things as the new definition of sexual harassment, how to conduct an investigation and grievance process — including hearings, appeals, and informal resolution processes — and how to serve impartially, including by avoiding prejudgment of the facts at issue, conflicts of interest, and bias.

Recognizing sexual harassment and responding to complaints has changed drastically. Thompson & Horton attorneys have spent hundreds of hours this summer reviewing and analyzing the new requirements, and have created a three-hour training program that will provide the basic training needed to comply with the new regulations, and make sure your people are ready to handle complaints this fall. In addition, Thompson & Horton has created a set of form templates that your district can adapt and use as part of the new investigation and determination process.

If you are interested, please contact your favorite T&H attorney.

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Latest News + Events

TCASE Interactive 2021: IEPs Your Lawyer Would Be Proud Of

Arlene Gonzalez and Hailey R. Janecka will provide guidance on crafting legally sound IEPs, during their presentation at the 2021 TCASE interactive convention. Attendees of this session will learn how to create an IEP that meets the needs of their students and makes their lawyers happy.

Attendees at the convention can take part in this learning lab, July 15th, from 9:00am to 10:00am.

TCASE Interactive 2021: Maintaining Safety in the School Setting While Meeting Legal Obligations

Rebecca S. Bailey and Ashley Addo will present an in-depth look at how to deal with aggressive students, both safely and legally, as part of the 2021 TCASE interactive convention. For this session, Bailey & Addo will focus on the balance between maintaining a safe classroom and working within the bounds of the law.

Attendees at the convention can take part in this learning lab, July 14th, from 10:30am to 11:30am.

TCASE Interactive 2021: Section 504 Child Find Duty

Thompson & Horton’s Rebecca S. Bailey and Ashley Addo will address common pitfalls in identifying students under Section 504 as part of a presentation for the 2021 TCASE interactive convention. With an eye towards key cases from 2020 and 2021, this session will provide educators a path to navigating the grey areas of Section 504’s Child Find obligations.

Attendees at the convention can take part in this learning lab, July 14th, from 9:00am to 10:00am.

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