As if you needed a reason to spend an extra day in sunny Orlando, I'm presenting "Staff, Sex, and Schools" at the @_AASPA_ conference pre-session. Here's the info: I hope to see many of you there! @TASPA3 @OSPA_HR @_IASPA_ @The_AAEA

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50 Years of Title IX
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Why Thompson & Horton?

Because at Thompson & Horton, it’s not just business – it’s personal.

Our attorneys were drawn to the practice of law at Thompson & Horton because of their unique personal relationships and commitments. Eleven of our lawyers are related to educators. Eight are themselves former teachers or administrators. Over half of our attorneys have dedicated their entire legal careers to representing schools, colleges, universities, and governmental entities, with a combined several hundreds of years of experience. They have been closely involved with some of the most important legal and policy developments affecting school and government clients over the past 40 years. Others were drawn to the representation of firm clients—including school districts, colleges, community colleges, private schools, local government entities, and private individuals and companies—because of love for a particular area of law or a unique and impactful life experience. Because our passion runs so deep, at Thompson & Horton you’ll find it’s not just business, it’s personal.

That’s the Thompson & Horton difference. You can count on us to provide high quality personalized legal service effectively and efficiently. You can expect us to be responsive, candid, and knowledgeable. You can also rely on our passion, drive, and commitment to your missions. We approach each legal problem as your partner, not as an outsider.

Thought Leadership at T&H

Can You Post It? The Fifth Circuit Affirms A School’s Twitter Posts as Fair Use

The minefield of potential copyright infringement claims poses a unique challenge to educators, especially in the age of digital content...

The Community College Gate: First Amendment Legal Update for Community Colleges

It’s well-known that members of a community college community, like members of other public schools, colleges, and universities, do not...

Webinar: Tackling the Texas Teacher Shortage: A Legal Perspective

Jackie Wernz, Katie Long, Holly McIntush, and Keisha Crane look at how schools can use the law to tackle the...

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