Advanced Title IX Sexual Harassment Training & “Train the Trainer”

Are you a school, college, or university Title IX Coordinator or attorney who understands the basics of Title IX sexual harassment rules but is ready to dig into more of the nuances? Are you looking for increased skills and techniques to train Title IX administrators in a way that is not only legally compliant but effective and engaging? If so, Thompson & Horton’s Advanced Title IX Sexual Harassment Training and “Train the Trainer” program is for you.


This unique program is not just an update to the same old training that you received on the 2020 Title IX rules in the past. Instead, in addition to a review of recent caselaw and OCR activity, the program offers an in-depth look at some of the most challenging issues facing Title IX practitioners today.

While learning these issues, we will provide training techniques for the Title IX rules so you can confidently return to your desk with the skills to present effective, engaging Title IX training.


The short answer: Whenever you want it to be. An on-demand video of our recent Advanced Title IX training is available to purchase below.

If you’re looking for something in-person or virtual for your organization, get in contact with us at and we will be happy to work out the details.


  • “Low level” sexual harassment complaints
  • Multi-party investigations
  • Cross-claims by respondents
  • Complaints involving allegations under other laws and codes of conduct
  • First Amendment and academic freedom considerations
  • Decision-making disasters (hearings and written Q&A)
  • Applying the appellate standards in practice
  • And more!


Access to Advanced Title IX Sexual Harassment Training & “Train the Trainer” is still available for purchase; however, these videos were recorded in May 2022 and may include some information that would be updated if it were presented today. Prices for the recordings are $150. Additionally, we have a series of more recent Title IX Coordinator trainings from Spring 2023. For more information on either please contact Mindy Irvin.