Charter Schools

Thompson & Horton attorneys have been partners with charter schools from the state application process through ongoing legal counseling today. The firm is a member of the Texas Charter School Association. Our attorneys have presented at TCSA conferences, assisted Region 4 in the development of the original charter school training materials, and served on the Texas Education Agency First Generation Charter Schools Evaluation Committee in 2000-2001.

Thompson & Horton attorneys work closely with charter school boards and administrators – delivering strategic guidance, preventative legal advice, and representation when disputes arise. We also serve as general counsel to charter school governing boards.

Our attorneys are well-prepared to handle a range of issues related to charter schools, including:

  • Formation; preparation and amendments to bylaws and other organizational documents; 501(c)(3) applications; charter development; renewal applications; amendments to the charter; and negotiation and documentation of management contracts between charter schools and educational management companies
  • Real estate development, facility construction, properties management, and leases
  • Financial matters, insurance coverage, procurement requirements, the development of bid and procurement templates, and business litigation, including contract and bidding disputes
  • Conflicts of interest and nepotism
  • Student policies, procedures, and discipline matters
  • Section 504 and the IDEA
  • FERPA, records retention, and confidentiality requirements
  • Employment matters; contracts; workers compensation; and employment litigation, including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation lawsuits
  • Civil rights litigation, including disputes regarding free speech, religion, and other constitutional law disputes

Our clients understand that having experienced counsel familiar with charter schools as well as general education law is vital.