Thompson & Horton COVID-19 Resources

Thompson & Horton is committed to supporting our clients during this challenging time. Our attorneys are working diligently to provide the most up-to-date guidance on the many issues that are confronting schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions as they deal with the ramifications and legal issues flowing from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are links to T&H documents intended to provide initial guidance on issues confronting our clients during this public health emergency. Because the legal landscape is rapidly evolving, we will be frequently updating and adding to this resource page. Please make sure to check here frequently for updates. Also, these documents are intended to provide an initial overview of the legal issues faced by our clients during this time and are not intended to address all specific circumstances. As such, if you have questions or need further guidance after reviewing these documents, please contact your T&H attorney or, if you do not currently use a particular T&H attorney, please contact the attorney listed at the end of each document for each of our offices and they will be able to direct you to the best member of our team to assist you.



Special Education

Other Useful Resources

T&H is providing the following links to various information provided by government entities or other organizations providing guidance on COVID-19 related issues. Although we find these sources to be helpful in general, T&H is not endorsing or indicating agreement with all advice or guidance given in all of these documents. Please consult with your T&H attorney if you have any questions or require further assistance after reviewing any of this third-party information.