Business Transactions & Real Estate

Our clients engage in countless business transactions in support of their mission. Thompson & Horton attorneys understand the importance of protecting clients’ interests and minimizing risk in these transactions while enabling them to achieve their objectives. We understand the ethical and conflict of interest rules that govern these transactions. Our practice includes:

  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Contracting
  • Real estate transactions
  • Construction contracts and litigation
  • Corporate and bylaws matters
  • School finance

Our deep knowledge of the law makes us well equipped to advise clients in all aspects of the procurement and purchasing process. Our attorneys train and advise procurement, finance, and operations groups on all such aspects, including the proper use of cooperative purchasing, professional services, sole source, and emergency procurements. Our team can draft solicitations for bids, proposals, and qualifications. We regularly advise in the evaluation process, helping to ensure legal and ethical compliance. In the rare event a vendor challenges a procurement process, whether through grievance or litigation, we assist as well.

We also specialize in reviewing and developing contracts and contract forms for a wide range of goods and services, big and small. We are well versed in drafting and reviewing contracts for software, maintenance, construction, architect and engineering, professional services, interlocal cooperative projects, affiliation agreements, and instructional matters.

Our goal is to help clients obtain the best value and quality services through their business transactions.

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