Public School Districts

Thompson & Horton attorneys have unique and specialized qualifications based on decades of combined experience representing school districts. Our attorneys have earned respect across Texas for their deep knowledge of school law and have been involved in some of the most significant public education cases in the state. Our attorneys understand and appreciate the political environment and the financial constraints under which public entities operate.

We provide general counsel services to numerous school districts and have experience in all areas of education and school law, including:

  • Student issues: Our attorneys provide counsel on a myriad of issues, including those related to attendance, curriculum, testing, student privacy, and school discipline.
  • Business transactions: We advise clients on all aspects of the procurement and purchasing process. We also handle real estate and contract matters.
  • Constitutional law: We litigate on behalf of and advise clients on constitutional matters related to student, school and employee issues.
  • Election law: We regularly assist school districts on every aspect of elections, from negotiating contracts for election services to defending districts when disputes arise.
  • Employment law: We assist with the prevention of discrimination, harassment, and other legal claims; defending against claims filed with EEOC; and litigation.
  • Governmental relations: Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients shape policy through legislation and administrative regulations.
  • Litigation: We’re experienced in handling a wide array of cases, including school finance, civil rights, school discipline, and special education.
  • Special education and disability law: Our attorneys have mastered the complexities of IDEA and Section 504 and are skilled at translating requirements into actions in classrooms.
  • Special investigations: When difficult and sensitive workplace issues arise, our attorneys can help investigate.
  • Training: We recognize that a well-informed and trained workforce is critical to good decision-making and regularly provide trainings for clients on key legal issues.

Our philosophy is to provide school districts with the maximum flexibility in making decisions.  Several of our attorneys are former educators or have educators in their immediate family. For us, education is personal.