Spring 2023 Title IX Trainings Reservations (Higher Education)

Reserve your spot now for Thompson & Horton’s Spring Title IX Trainings. If you’re a Title IX professional who wants to brush up on the basics then put the knowledge to the test with real world scenarios, Thompson & Horton has got you covered. Our Spring 2023 training series will prepare you for the real-world challenges that Title IX can bring while meeting the training requirements of the 2020 Title IX rules.

This spring we will be offering five courses, each of which is geared towards a specific aspect of Title IX. For each of these trainings you’d like to attend, just click the box next to the name of the training below. There’s no need to pay today, we’re just reserving your spot.

During the first week of January we’ll be in contact regarding billing and payment, and get you set up with all of your registration information and links to the online courses.

For now, all you need to know about the cost is that each full-day training costs $300, while half-day training costs $150. If you decided that you’d like to attend all five of the trainings, we’re happy to offer a discounted rate of $1000. If you think you’ll have a large number of coworkers who will want to come along with you, you can register your entire educational institution for $3000. This allows your institution to send an unlimited number of participants to any of the trainings.

As a reminder, filling out this form just reserves your spot(s) for the trainings. We will touch base at the beginning of next semester to lock in payment and set you up with all of the instructions on how to attend.

If you have specific questions we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to titleix@thompsonhorton.com and we will do our best to fill in any blanks.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Spring 2023 Title IX Trainings Reservations (Higher Ed)

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