Thompson & Horton’s All Employee
Title IX Training
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All Employee Title IX Training
for K-12 Schools
All Employee Title IX Training
for Texas K-12 Schools
 All Employee Title IX Training for
Institutions of Higher Education
All Employee Title IX Training
for Texas Community Colleges
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About Our All Employee Training

The new Title IX rules require that educational institutions provide annual Title IX training to all employees. You must train your school’s employees annually on:

  • Your school’s obligation to address sex discrimination in its education program or activity.
  • The scope of conduct that constitutes Title IX sex discrimination, including the definition of sex-based harassment.
  • School personnel’s duties when they have information about conduct that reasonably may constitute sex discrimination, including when they have a duty to notify the Title IX Coordinator.
  • School personnel’s duties and obligations when a student or legal guardian informs them of the student’s pregnancy or related condition.

Thompson & Horton offers tailored solutions to assist education institutions fulfill their training obligations. We have all employee video trainings for K-12 schools and all employee video trainings for colleges and universities. This training can be uploaded to your institution’s training portal for easy use for all employees.

Our all employee video training covers all required topics outlined in the new rules: the obligation to address sex discrimination; the scope of conduct that constitutes Title IX sex discrimination and sex-based harassment; employee’s duties when they have knowledge of sex discrimination, and employee’s duties regarding students and employees who are pregnant or suffer from pregnancy-related conditions. Thompson & Horton’s all employee video training provides guidance on preventing, identifying, reporting, and responding to sex discrimination to help your institution ensure its Title IX compliance.

Additionally, we offer customized options, including comprehensive civil rights training for all employees, to align training content with your institution’s specific Title IX policies and procedures.

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